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At Power Packaging, we offer an array of water activated paper tapes and corresponding dispensers to cater to your packaging needs. Our product range includes both manual and electronic dispensers, each designed to dispense gummed paper tape at your desired length. With the push of a button, the electronic dispenser or hand-operated lever action on the manual dispenser, shoots out a new piece of water-activated tape, wet and ready to use.
Our water-activated paper tapes bond seamlessly with the inner corrugated layer of the cardboard to create a tamper-proof seal. This ensures the safety and security of your products throughout transit and storage. Whether you require packaging for domestic or commercial purposes, our water-activated paper tapes and dispensers are perfect for all your packaging needs.


- Product Type: Water Activated Paper Tapes and Dispensers
- Manufacturer: Power Packaging
- Tape Dispenser Types: Manual and Electronic
- Dispenser Operation: Push button for electronic dispenser, hand-operated lever action for manual dispenser
- Tape Activation: Water
- Tape Function: Bonds with inner corrugated layer of cardboard to create tamper-proof seal
- Tape Use: Ensures safety and security of products during transit and storage
- Suitable For: Domestic and Commercial Packaging Purposes

Pack Quantity:6
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