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Printed 'Fragile' Perforated Label Tape on a Roll - the perfect solution for labeling and identifying delicate items during shipping or storage. This high-quality label tape features the word "Fragile" prominently printed in bold black text on a fluoro orange background, ensuring that your items are handled with care. 
Made from durable, high-quality PVC, these labels are resistant to tearing and fading. The perforated design allows for easy separation and application, making it simple to label your items without any hassle. The adhesive backing ensures that the labels stay securely in place, even in rough handling conditions.
This label tape is an essential tool for protecting your fragile items. Use it to label glassware, electronics, or any other delicate items that require extra care during shipping or storage. With 500 labels per roll, you'll have plenty of labels to last you for a long time.
75MM x 100MM labels perforated on a roll 24 per carton.


- Product Type: 'Fragile' Perforated Label Tape on a Roll
- Text: 'Fragile' printed in bold black
- Background Color: Fluoro orange
- Material: High-quality PVC
- Durability: Resistant to tearing and fading
- Design: Perforated for easy separation and application
- Adhesive: Backing for secure placement
- Usage: Labeling and identifying delicate items during shipping or storage
- Quantity: 500 labels per roll
- Label Size: 75MM x 100MM
- Packaging: 24 rolls per carton

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