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Vinyl Clear Gloves | Lightly Powdered | Bastion Pacific Online Shop

Vinyl Clear Gloves | Lightly Powdered | Bastion Pacific Online Shop

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Examination gloves Ambidextrous Comfortable beaded cuff providing extra strength and preventing liquid roll off DOP & EHP free Latex free Lightly Powdered finish for ease of donning Cornstarch powder used is free of GE material Technical data sheets available


- Product: Examination gloves
- Feature: Ambidextrous
- Design: Comfortable beaded cuff
- Additional Design Feature: Prevents liquid roll off
- Material: DOP & EHP free
- Allergen Information: Latex free
- Finish: Lightly Powdered
- Purpose of Finish: Ease of donning
- Powder Material: Cornstarch
- Cornstarch Quality: Free of GE material
- Additional Information: Technical data sheets available
- Color: Clear
- Material: Vinyl
- Brand: Bastion Pacific Online Shop

These examination gloves are designed to be ambidextrous, offering a comfortable fit for both hands. They feature a beaded cuff that not only provides additional strength but also prevents any liquid from rolling off. Importantly, these gloves are free from DOP and EHP, making them a safe choice. They are also latex-free, reducing the risk of allergic reactions. The gloves have a lightly powdered finish, which aids in easy donning. The cornstarch powder used in the finish is guaranteed to be free of genetically engineered material. Technical data sheets detailing the specifications of these gloves are readily available. These vinyl clear gloves, lightly powdered, can be purchased from the Bastion Pacific Online Shop.

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