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The TP-702-12 Fully Auto Strapping Machine is a high-performance machine designed to automate the strapping process. It is capable of strapping packages of various sizes and shapes with great efficiency and precision. The machine is equipped with a fully automatic operation, which means it can start, stop and adjust the strapping tension automatically. This makes it ideal for use in busy production lines and warehouses.
The machine is built with a sturdy steel frame and is powered by a reliable motor. It has a maximum strapping speed of up to 60 straps per minute and has an adjustable table height of 820mm to 920mm. The machine also features a built-in sensor that detects the package size and automatically adjusts the strapping tension accordingly.
The machine is easy to operate and maintain, and it comes with a user-friendly control panel that allows you to monitor the machine's status and make adjustments as needed. It is also equipped with a safety switch that stops the machine if there is an emergency.


- Model: TP-702-12 Fully Auto Strapping Machine
- Function: Automates the strapping process
- Capabilities: Can strap packages of various sizes and shapes
- Operation: Fully automatic (can start, stop and adjust strapping tension automatically)
- Ideal Use: Busy production lines and warehouses
- Frame Material: Sturdy steel
- Power Source: Reliable motor
- Maximum Strapping Speed: Up to 60 straps per minute
- Adjustable Table Height: 820mm to 920mm
- Additional Features: Built-in sensor that detects package size and adjusts strapping tension
- Ease of Use: User-friendly control panel for monitoring and adjustments
- Safety Feature: Equipped with a safety switch for emergency stop.

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