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The Siat GT-Xtreme Battery Operated Strapping Tool is a breakthrough product that offers high performance, reliability, and versatility for use in the most demanding and extreme environments.
With a neutrally balanced and lightweight design, this tool provides operators with three modes of control to choose from, including automatic, semi-automatic, and manual mode, allowing them to tension straps up to 4,200 N.
Additionally, the GT-Xtreme is designed to reduce maintenance and downtime through the use of robust high-stress components, such as a new CNC machined monolithic Ametek brushless motor with encoder and common wear parts made from corrosion-free high-grade hardened stainless steel.
The tool also features a soft function for greater control and an automatic strap width adjustment that can be set between 16mm to 19mm in width and automatically adjusts from 0.7mm to 1.27 in thickness. With its ergonomic design and centralized gravity point, the GT-Xtreme is comfortable to use even when strapping vertically.
Designed and manufactured by Siat in Italy, this tool offers top-quality components manufactured to the European Union's strict guidelines and a stylish, modern design that is sure to impress.
The Siat GT-Xtreme strapping tool is the ideal solution for companies seeking to speed up and improve their efficiencies in securing packages under the harshest and most extreme environments.


- Product Name: SIAT GT-Xtreme PET Strapping Tool
- Function: Battery Operated Strapping Tool
- Performance: High performance, reliability, and versatility
- Use: Suitable for demanding and extreme environments
- Design: Neutrally balanced and lightweight
- Control Modes: Automatic, semi-automatic, and manual
- Tension Capacity: Up to 4,200 N
- Maintenance: Designed to reduce maintenance and downtime
- Key Components: CNC machined monolithic Ametek brushless motor with encoder, corrosion-free high-grade hardened stainless steel wear parts
- Additional Features: Soft function for greater control, automatic strap width adjustment
- Strap Width: Adjustable between 16mm to 19mm
- Strap Thickness: Automatically adjusts from 0.7mm to 1.27mm
- Ergonomics: Ergonomic design with centralized gravity point for comfortable use in vertical strapping
- Manufacturer: Siat, Italy
- Quality: Top-quality

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