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Our Sealed Air® brand QuikWrap Nano is a compact and lightweight manual wrapping dispenser that is specifically designed to provide maximum protection for your products while also enhancing the unboxing experience for your customers.
The Sealed Air Quikwrap comes fully assembled and ready to use, so you can start protecting your products right away. It uses a fully curbside recyclable honeycomb paper for light protection, which is not only environmentally friendly but also offers excellent cushioning performance to ensure that your products are delivered safely and securely. The tissue layer protects against surface abrasion, while the honeycomb paper helps hold your products in place, preventing movement during transit.
The Sealed Air Quikwrap is perfect for low-volume wrapping and ship-from-store applications. Its compact design and small footprint make it ideal for retail or e-commerce pack station environments. It's also suitable for an assortment of applications requiring product protection, such as interleaving surface protection wrapping.
Finally, we understand the importance of the environment and our responsibility towards it. Hence, both the paper and dispenser box are 100% curbside recyclable, making it a convenient and environmentally conscious choice for your business.


- Brand: Sealed Air
- Product: QuikWrap Nano
- Dimensions: 600mm x 105m
- Assembly: Fully assembled and ready to use
- Material: Fully curbside recyclable honeycomb paper
- Function: Provides light protection and cushioning for products
- Additional Features: Tissue layer for surface abrasion protection, holds products in place during transit
- Suitable For: Low-volume wrapping, ship-from-store applications, retail or e-commerce pack station environments, interleaving surface protection wrapping
- Environmental Impact: 100% curbside recyclable paper and dispenser box.

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