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Prostretch Clear Gloves - Powderless | Buy from Bastion Pacific

Prostretch Clear Gloves - Powderless | Buy from Bastion Pacific

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Ambidextrous Unique stronger polyethylene formulation with extra stretch characteristic Increased length of 280mm for better arm protection Lightweight Micro embossed for good wet and dry grip Powder-free Latex Free HACCP Certified


- Design: Ambidextrous
- Material: Unique stronger polyethylene formulation
- Feature: Extra stretch characteristic
- Length: 280mm
- Protection: Better arm protection
- Weight: Lightweight
- Texture: Micro embossed
- Grip: Good wet and dry grip
- Powder: Powder-free
- Material: Latex Free
- Certification: HACCP Certified
- Product: Prostretch Clear Gloves
- Availability: Buy from Bastion Pacific

The Prostretch Clear Gloves are ambidextrous and designed with a unique, robust polyethylene formulation that possesses enhanced stretchability. They are extended to a length of 280mm for superior arm protection. Despite their robustness, these gloves are lightweight and feature a micro-embossed surface for excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions. They are free from powder and latex, ensuring minimal risk of allergies. Furthermore, they are HACCP Certified, guaranteeing their safety and quality. These gloves are available for purchase from Bastion Pacific.

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