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Our premium Pallet Corners (or Corner Protectors as they are otherwise known) are made using fully recycled post-consumer paper goods, laminated into a solid fibreboard.
The Pallet Corners add strength to the load, helping facilitate double-stacking of pallets to get the most out of your transport costs. They also protect the edges of your palletised goods when strapping the load, working alongisde stretch film to give added support & security to your palletised goods.
Our Pallet Corners are 100% recyclable & bio-degradable, & can be custom-made to suit your requirements. Contact us today for more information.


- Material: Fully recycled post-consumer paper goods
- Construction: Laminated into a solid fibreboard
- Function: Adds strength to the load, facilitates double-stacking of pallets, protects edges of palletised goods when strapping the load, works alongside stretch film for added support & security
- Environmental Impact: 100% recyclable & bio-degradable
- Customization: Can be custom-made to suit requirements

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