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Nitrile ProTouch Blue - Powder Free Gloves - Micro Textured

Nitrile ProTouch Blue - Powder Free Gloves - Micro Textured

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Examination Glove Latex Free Excellent stretch and strength  Superior barrier protection over latex and vinyl  New and improved Nitrile formulation for exceptional feel and sensitivity, which provides less hand fatigue when used for extended periods  Micro textured fingers for excellent wet and dry grip  Low cost packs of 100  HACCP certified and TGA listed


- Product: Examination Glove
- Material: Latex Free
- Stretch and Strength: Excellent
- Barrier Protection: Superior over latex and vinyl
- Condition: New and improved
- Formulation: Nitrile for exceptional feel and sensitivity
- Hand Fatigue: Less when used for extended periods
- Texture: Micro textured fingers
- Grip: Excellent wet and dry
- Packaging: Low cost packs of 100
- Certifications: HACCP certified and TGA listed
- Type: Nitrile ProTouch Blue
- Powder Free Gloves
- Micro Textured

Product: ProTouch Blue Nitrile Examination Gloves Features: - Manufactured without the use of latex to prevent allergic reactions - Exceptional stretchability and strength for enhanced durability - Provides superior barrier protection compared to latex and vinyl gloves - Newly improved nitrile formulation for enhanced tactile sensitivity, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use - Micro-textured fingers for superior grip in both wet and dry conditions - Economically priced packs of 100 - Certified by the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and listed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) - Powder-free and micro-textured for optimal performance

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