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Nitrile ExtraTough Green Powder Free Gloves

Nitrile ExtraTough Green Powder Free Gloves

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Examination gloves  Ambidextrous  Latex Free Micro textured fingers for increased wet and dry grip  Unique high strength nitrile formulation providing exceptional barrier protection with superior chemical resistance Tougher, thicker and more puncture resistant than standard nitrile gloves HACCP certified  


- Product Type: Examination Gloves
- Design: Ambidextrous
- Material: Latex Free
- Texture: Micro Textured Fingers
- Grip: Increased Wet and Dry Grip
- Formulation: Unique High Strength Nitrile
- Protection: Exceptional Barrier Protection
- Chemical Resistance: Superior
- Durability: Tougher, Thicker and More Puncture Resistant than Standard Nitrile Gloves
- Certification: HACCP Certified
- Brand: Nitrile ExtraTough Green Powder Free Gloves

Output: Nitrile ExtraTough Green Powder Free Gloves are HACCP certified and designed with a unique, high-strength nitrile formulation. This provides exceptional barrier protection and superior chemical resistance. These gloves are more robust, thicker, and more puncture-resistant than standard nitrile gloves. They feature micro-textured fingers for enhanced grip in both wet and dry conditions. The gloves are ambidextrous and free from latex, ensuring a safe and comfortable fit for all users.

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