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Latex White Lightly Powdered Gloves | Bulk Available

Latex White Lightly Powdered Gloves | Bulk Available

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Beige Examination gloves Ambidextrous Beaded Cuff - Providing additional strength & preventing liquid roll off Excellent strength and tactility Cornstarch powder used is free of GE material Silicone free Micro Textured finish allows for outstanding wet & dry grip Technical data sheets available


- Product: Beige Examination Gloves
- Features: Ambidextrous
- Cuff Style: Beaded Cuff
- Strength: Excellent
- Tactility: Excellent
- Powder Material: Cornstarch (GE material free)
- Silicone: Silicone Free
- Finish: Micro Textured
- Grip: Outstanding in both Wet & Dry Conditions
- Additional Information: Technical Data Sheets Available
- Color: White
- Powder Level: Lightly Powdered
- Bulk Availability: Yes

Output: We present our Beige Examination Gloves which are ambidextrous in design. They feature a Beaded Cuff, enhancing their strength and preventing any liquid from rolling off. These gloves offer exceptional strength and tactility. The cornstarch powder used in their manufacture is guaranteed to be free of genetically engineered material. Moreover, these gloves are silicone-free. They have a micro-textured finish which ensures an outstanding grip, whether in wet or dry conditions. Technical data sheets are available upon request. We also offer Latex White Lightly Powdered Gloves in bulk quantities.

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