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Latex Powder Free White Gloves | Bastion Pacific

Latex Powder Free White Gloves | Bastion Pacific

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Examination gloves Ambidextrous Comfortable beaded cuff Excellent strength and tactility Silicone free Fully micro textured finish for outstanding wet and dry grip Slightly thinner, more economical glove for increased feel and dexterity HACCP certified and TGA listed Technical data sheets available


- Product Type: Examination Gloves
- Design: Ambidextrous
- Cuff Style: Comfortable Beaded Cuff
- Key Features: Excellent Strength and Tactility
- Material: Silicone Free
- Finish: Fully Micro Textured
- Grip: Outstanding Wet and Dry Grip
- Thickness: Slightly Thinner
- Cost: More Economical Glove
- Sensitivity: Increased Feel and Dexterity
- Certification: HACCP Certified
- Listing: TGA Listed
- Additional Information: Technical Data Sheets Available
- Color: White
- Manufacturer: Bastion Pacific

These examination gloves are designed to be ambidextrous and feature a comfortable beaded cuff for ease of use. The gloves exhibit superior strength and tactility, ensuring a firm grip and durability. They are completely silicone-free and feature a fully micro-textured finish, which enhances grip in both wet and dry conditions. These gloves are slightly thinner than standard gloves, making them a more economical choice while also improving tactile sensitivity and dexterity. They are HACCP certified and listed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Technical data sheets are available upon request. The product in question is the Latex Powder-Free White Gloves from Bastion Pacific.

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