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Latex Glass Gripper Gloves

Latex Glass Gripper Gloves

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Rippple finish doble dipped, latex rubber coating for exceptional grip and durability  Jersey cotton liner for comfortable fit and perspiration absoborption Reuseable  Knitted cuffs for superior fit and debris exclusion Technical data sheets available


- Finish: Ripple finish double dipped
- Material: Latex rubber coating
- Feature: Exceptional grip and durability
- Inner Lining: Jersey cotton liner
- Comfort: Comfortable fit and perspiration absorption
- Reusability: Reusable
- Cuffs: Knitted cuffs
- Fit: Superior fit and debris exclusion
- Additional Info: Technical data sheets available
- Product Name: Latex Glass Gripper Gloves

The gloves feature a double-dipped, ripple finish latex rubber coating that ensures exceptional grip and durability. They are lined with jersey cotton for a comfortable fit and optimal perspiration absorption. The gloves are reusable and designed with knitted cuffs for a superior fit and effective exclusion of debris. Technical data sheets for these Latex Glass Gripper Gloves are readily available.

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