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The Sealed Air JiffyLite Mailers are the perfect solution for shipping semi-fragile and low-profile items with confidence. With a fully laminated paper exterior and an internal layer of Bubble Wrap with Barrier Bubble® technology, your items will be protected from any bumps or knocks during transit. The self-seal closure is easy to use, ensuring your items stay secure and in place.
The surface of the mailer is easy to write on and provides excellent label adhesion, making it ideal for custom printing. The water-resistant design of the JiffyLite Mailers adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring your items stay dry during transit. The seamless bottom provides cushioning, strength and security, eliminating the need for staples and tape.
JiffyLite Mailers are made of 100% recycled paper content, making them an environmentally-friendly choice for your shipping needs.
Please note: This page contains indent products marked with a * which have a lead time of 3-7 business days.


- Product: Sealed Air JiffyLite Mailers
- Purpose: Shipping semi-fragile and low-profile items
- Exterior Material: Fully laminated paper
- Interior Material: Bubble Wrap with Barrier Bubble® technology
- Closure Type: Self-seal
- Surface: Easy to write on, provides excellent label adhesion
- Design: Water-resistant
- Bottom: Seamless for cushioning, strength and security
- Additional Features: Eliminates need for staples and tape
- Material Content: 100% Recycled paper
- Environmental Impact: Environmentally-friendly
- Lead Time: 3-7 business days for indent products marked with a *

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