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HP-0873 FP

HP-0873 FP

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The HP-0873 Fold Pack is a versatile and practical plastic tray, perfect for various uses. With external measurements of 175mm x 150mm x 60mm, it provides ample space for storage or display. Made from clear PVC/PET material, this tray is not only durable but also allows for easy visibility of its contents. Its foldable design adds to its convenience, making it easy to store when not in use. Ideal for both personal and professional use, this plastic tray is a reliable choice for your needs.



External Measurements: 175mm x 150mm x 60mm
Material: PVC/PET Clear

Potential Applications:

  • Displaying fruits or vegetables in grocery stores or markets.
  • Storing pre-cut fruits or vegetables in the refrigerator.
  • Packaging baked goods for sale in bakeries or cafes.
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