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Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml

Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml

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72% alcohol contet for superior sanitising  Powerful germicidal action Effective against bacteria and viruses  Triclosan free  Quick drying  Advanced technology skin conditioners and moisturisers, which leave skin soft and supple Lightly fragranced  The quickest & most convenient way to sanitise your hands


- Alcohol Content: 72%
- Germicidal Action: Powerful
- Effectiveness: Against bacteria and viruses
- Triclosan: Free
- Drying Speed: Quick
- Skin Conditioners: Advanced technology
- Moisturisers: Advanced technology
- Skin Feel: Soft and supple
- Fragrance: Light
- Convenience: Quickest & most convenient way to sanitise hands
- Product Type: Hand Sanitiser Gel
- Volume: 500ml

The Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml features a potent 72% alcohol content, ensuring superior sanitisation capabilities. Its powerful germicidal properties effectively combat both bacteria and viruses. The formulation is free from Triclosan, making it safe for regular use. The quick-drying formula ensures convenience and efficiency. It incorporates advanced technology skin conditioners and moisturisers, which maintain the softness and suppleness of the skin. The product also offers a light fragrance for a pleasant user experience. This hand sanitiser is the most rapid and convenient solution for maintaining hand hygiene.

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