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Cottonlined Rubber Gloves With Granular Rough Grip | Buy Bulk

Cottonlined Rubber Gloves With Granular Rough Grip | Buy Bulk

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Natural rubber latex Heavy duty 1.2mm thickness for exceptional strength and puncture resistance Rough granualr grip for ultimate wet and dry grip 300mm length for increased arm protection  Cottonlined for superior comfort, perspiration absorption and cold resistance  Silicone free Reusable  HACCP certified  Individual hangsell packs Technical data sheets available 


- Material: Natural rubber latex
- Durability: Heavy duty
- Thickness: 1.2mm
- Grip: Rough granular grip
- Length: 300mm
- Lining: Cottonlined
- Comfort Features: Superior comfort, perspiration absorption and cold resistance
- Silicone Content: Silicone free
- Reusability: Reusable
- Certification: HACCP certified
- Packaging: Individual hangsell packs
- Additional Information: Technical data sheets available
- Product Name: Cottonlined Rubber Gloves With Granular Rough Grip
- Availability: Buy in Bulk

Constructed from natural rubber latex, these gloves are designed for heavy-duty use. They feature a thickness of 1.2mm that ensures exceptional strength and resistance to punctures. The rough granular grip provides optimal traction in both wet and dry conditions. With a length of 300mm, these gloves offer enhanced protection for the arm. The interior is lined with cotton, offering superior comfort, perspiration absorption, and resistance to cold. These gloves are free of silicone and are reusable. They are HACCP certified and come in individual hangsell packages. Technical data sheets are available for further information. Purchase these Cotton-lined Rubber Gloves with Granular Rough Grip in bulk.

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