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Bastion Pacific | Ultra Wipes

Bastion Pacific | Ultra Wipes

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Blue Meltblown wipes 40 x 38cm sheet size Highly Absorbant Very low lint Suitable for use with many solvents Convenient carry box


- Product Name: Blue Meltblown Wipes
- Brand: Bastion Pacific | Ultra Wipes
- Sheet Size: 40 x 38cm
- Absorbency: Highly Absorbant
- Lint Level: Very Low
- Solvent Compatibility: Suitable for use with many solvents
- Packaging: Convenient Carry Box

Output: Bastion Pacific presents Ultra Wipes, featuring blue Meltblown material. These wipes measure 40 x 38 cm and are highly absorbent. They are characterized by their very low lint production, making them suitable for use with a wide range of solvents. For added convenience, they come in a portable carrying box.

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