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Bastion Pacific | Regular Duty Wipes - Rolls -Green - 500m

Bastion Pacific | Regular Duty Wipes - Rolls -Green - 500m

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High quality & strength spunlace non woven wipes 70% viscose & 30% polyester composition for superior absorbency Re-usable and fast drying Perforated sheets for easy tear off HACCP certified


- Quality: High
- Material: Spunlace non woven
- Strength: High
- Composition: 70% viscose & 30% polyester
- Absorbency: Superior
- Reusability: Yes
- Drying Speed: Fast
- Sheet Type: Perforated for easy tear off
- Certification: HACCP certified
- Manufacturer: Bastion Pacific
- Product Type: Regular Duty Wipes
- Rolls
- Color: Green
- Length: 500m

Output: These spunlace non-woven wipes are of high quality and strength. They are composed of 70% viscose and 30% polyester, a blend that ensures superior absorbency. These wipes are reusable and designed to dry quickly. The sheets are perforated for easy tearing. Furthermore, they are HACCP certified. This product is the Regular Duty Wipes in Rolls, colored green, with a length of 500m, from Bastion Pacific.

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