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Bastion Pacific | PVC Aprons

Bastion Pacific | PVC Aprons

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Fluid resistant PVC Excellent strength and protection 1290mm length Ties with hook at back Ties with hook at neck Reisable 1 piece per bag


- Material: Fluid resistant PVC
- Quality: Excellent strength and protection
- Length: 1290mm
- Back Attachment: Ties with hook at back
- Neck Attachment: Ties with hook at neck
- Reusability: Reusable
- Packaging: 1 piece per bag
- Manufacturer: Bastion Pacific
- Product Type: PVC Aprons

This product features a fluid-resistant PVC material that ensures excellent strength and protection. It has a length of 1290mm and includes ties with hooks at the back and neck for secure fastening. This apron is reusable and is packaged individually, with one piece per bag. This product is a part of Bastion Pacific's PVC Apron range.

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