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Bastion Pacific | Polypropylene Coverall - White/Blue

Bastion Pacific | Polypropylene Coverall - White/Blue

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40gsm non woven polypropylene Excellent comfort and breathability Good strength and protection Lightweight and economical Elastic cuffs, hood and ankles Zip cover flap HACCP certified


- Material: 40gsm non woven polypropylene
- Comfort: Excellent comfort and breathability
- Strength: Good strength and protection
- Weight: Lightweight and economical
- Features: Elastic cuffs, hood and ankles
- Additional Feature: Zip cover flap
- Certification: HACCP certified
- Manufacturer: Bastion Pacific
- Product: Polypropylene Coverall
- Color: White/Blue

This product is composed of 40gsm non-woven polypropylene, ensuring excellent comfort and breathability. It offers robust strength and protection, while maintaining a lightweight and economical design. Key features include elastic cuffs, a hood, and ankles, as well as a zip cover flap. This product is HACCP certified, guaranteeing its quality and safety. It is a Polypropylene Coverall from Bastion Pacific, available in white and blue.

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