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Bastion Pacific | Polyethylene Apron - Dispenser Boxes

Bastion Pacific | Polyethylene Apron - Dispenser Boxes

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Waterproof polyethylene Available in dispenser boxes or with individual tear off for increased ease and hygiene 0.03mm thickness for superior strength and protection Lightweight and comfortable 1250 x 800mm to fit all sizes with 2 ties at the back 1450 x 800mm availible in White and Blue with 2 ties at the back HACCP certified


- Material: Waterproof Polyethylene
- Packaging: Available in Dispenser Boxes or with Individual Tear Off
- Thickness: 0.03mm
- Comfort: Lightweight and Comfortable
- Size (Option 1): 1250 x 800mm, with 2 Ties at the Back
- Size (Option 2): 1450 x 800mm, Available in White and Blue, with 2 Ties at the Back
- Certification: HACCP Certified
- Manufacturer: Bastion Pacific
- Product: Polyethylene Apron
- Dispenser Boxes

The polyethylene material used in this product is waterproof, ensuring its durability and effectiveness. It is conveniently available in dispenser boxes or with an individual tear-off feature to promote ease of use and maintain hygiene. The product boasts a thickness of 0.03mm, providing superior strength and protection. Despite its strength, the material remains lightweight and comfortable for the user. The dimensions of 1250 x 800mm are designed to accommodate all sizes, and it includes two ties at the back for secure fastening. An alternative size of 1450 x 800mm is also available in both White and Blue colors, also featuring two ties at the back. This product is HACCP certified. It is the Polyethylene Apron from Bastion Pacific, available in dispenser boxes.

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