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Bastion Pacific | Polycotton Gloves - Black PVC Dots

Bastion Pacific | Polycotton Gloves - Black PVC Dots

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Knitted seamless polyester/cotton Bleached for clean appearence  Ambidextrous  Knitted cuffs for secure & comfortable fit Reusable & washable Highly Breathable for perspiration reduction  Single Sided black PVC dots, for enhanced grip


- Material: Knitted seamless polyester/cotton
- Appearance: Bleached for clean appearance
- Design: Ambidextrous
- Cuffs: Knitted for secure & comfortable fit
- Durability: Reusable & washable
- Breathability: Highly Breathable for perspiration reduction
- Grip: Single Sided black PVC dots
- Manufacturer: Bastion Pacific
- Product: Polycotton Gloves
- Black PVC Dots

Output: These gloves from Bastion Pacific are constructed from a seamless blend of polyester and cotton, knitted for durability and comfort. They have undergone a bleaching process to ensure a clean and professional appearance. Designed to be ambidextrous, they are equipped with knitted cuffs for a secure and comfortable fit. These gloves are reusable and washable, offering practicality and longevity. They are highly breathable, reducing perspiration for added comfort. The single-sided black PVC dots enhance grip, offering superior handling capabilities.

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