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Bastion Pacific | Nitrile Purple - Powder Free Gloves

Bastion Pacific | Nitrile Purple - Powder Free Gloves

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Examination gloves Ambidextrous Beaded Cuff - Providing additional strength & preventing liquid roll off Latex free Our gloves are no less than 0.15mm thick on the finger and palm giving them increased puncture resistance and chemical breakthrough time Superior barrier protection over latex and vinyl Our gloves are designed with a fully micro textured finish to give the user greater sensitivity and further enhance their grip wherever it is needed. Special polymer coating: Our gloves are finished with a slip coating on the inside to make the glove easier to don and an advanced grip coating on the outside to maximise their grip even when the glove is wet. Technical data sheets available


- Product: Examination gloves
- Ambidextrous: Yes
- Beaded Cuff: Yes, provides additional strength & prevents liquid roll off
- Material: Latex free
- Thickness: No less than 0.15mm on the finger and palm
- Puncture Resistance: High
- Chemical Breakthrough Time: Increased
- Barrier Protection: Superior over latex and vinyl
- Texture: Fully micro textured finish for greater sensitivity and enhanced grip
- Special Polymer Coating: Yes, slip coating on the inside for easy donning and advanced grip coating on the outside for maximised grip when wet
- Technical Data Sheets: Available
- Manufacturer: Bastion Pacific
- Type: Nitrile Purple
- Powder Free Gloves

Product: Examination Gloves Characteristics: - Ambidextrous Design - Beaded Cuff: Enhances strength and prevents liquid from rolling off - Latex-Free Composition Our gloves maintain a minimum thickness of 0.15mm on the finger and palm areas, thereby enhancing puncture resistance and extending the chemical breakthrough time. This superior barrier protection surpasses that of latex and vinyl gloves. Designed with a fully micro-textured finish, our gloves offer the user heightened sensitivity and improved grip in all required areas. Special Polymer Coating Feature: Our gloves are furnished with an inner slip coating to facilitate easy donning and an advanced outer grip coating to maximize grip, even in wet conditions. Technical data sheets are available upon request. Manufacturer: Bastion Pacific Product: Nitrile Purple - Powder-Free Gloves

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