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7 x 5+10mm Tray

7 x 5+10mm Tray

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This product is a set of 7 x 5+10mm plastic trays, meticulously designed with external measurements of 139mm x 179mm x 19mm. Crafted from high-quality HIPS Nat. 0.34 material, these trays promise durability and longevity. Their compact size makes them ideal for various uses, while their sleek design adds a touch of elegance. These trays are perfect for organizing, storing, and displaying a variety of items.



External Measurements: 139mm x 179mm x 19mm
Material: HIPS Nat. 0.34

Potential Applications:

  • Organizing and storing small fruits or vegetables in a refrigerator or pantry.
  • Displaying fruits, cheeses, or other small food items at a party or event.
  • Using as a serving tray for individual portions of fruits, desserts, or appetizers.
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