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Introducing the Stylus 550 Silver duct tape, with a width of 48mm and a length of 30m per roll. This high-quality duct tape offers an exceptional level of durability and strength.
Designed specifically for duct sealing, this silver duct tape is made from a high-quality adhesive that creates a strong and long-lasting seal. Its unique composition allows it to bond to a wide range of surfaces, including metal, plastic, and concrete, making it ideal for use in a variety of applications.
In addition to its exceptional sealing ability, the Stylus 550 Silver duct tape is also highly resistant to water, temperature, and humidity. This makes it the perfect solution for sealing ducts and pipes in harsh environments, where other types of tape may fail.


- Product Name: Stylus 550 Silver Duct Tape
- Width: 48mm
- Length: 30m per roll
- Durability: High
- Strength: High
- Purpose: Duct Sealing
- Adhesive Quality: High
- Bonding Ability: Can bond to metal, plastic, and concrete
- Resistance: Water, temperature, and humidity resistant
- Application: Ideal for sealing ducts and pipes in harsh environments.

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